Alan Davies, Civil Celebrant Alan Davies, Civil Celebrant

A sense of occasion

Ceremonies have always been used to mark the big moments in our lives. You want it to be just right. Whether it's your wedding day, a naming ceremony for your new baby or a funeral for a loved one, it's a milestone in your life journey. The words that are spoken, the symbols and ceremonies that are used to mark the occasion - they will echo down the years.


The first and most important thing I do is listen. If you know just what you want for the ceremony, I'll make sure it happens. Or perhaps you just have a general idea of the style you want - no problem. I have lots of creative ideas and together we will create a ceremony that's just right for you. Maybe there are family sensitivities that need to be recognised (not unusual!) Or perhaps you just want to make sure that everyone has a fun time.
Whatever it is, we'll talk about it and plan for it.

Alan, you are an exceptional celebrant. Many of our guests commented, and we had to agree, that you had a warm and commanding presence and that you didn't dominate the ceremony. Furthermore, you understood us very well and the ceremony accurately reflected our relationship.

Govind and Ros


You can leave the details to me. I will create a "script" for the ceremony, complete with all the words to be spoken and "who does what, when". I've worked long enough in the theatre and event management to know that nothing should be left to chance! Being well prepared means that when it comes to the big day, you can relax.

My philosophy

I believe we all have a need for ceremony, symbol and ritual to celebrate the significant events of our lives. I love being involved in them, and it’s a privilege to be part of your ceremony. Whether it’s a wedding or a funeral, I want us all to walk away with a sense of joy in life, togetherness as a community, laughter in our hearts, and a positive outlook for the future.



About me

I am an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, registered with the Attorney-General's Department.

Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants

I am delighted to now be able to offer marriage ceremonies to same-sex couples.